The Wisdom of One Thing at a Time

“Stress makes you believe that  everything has to happen right now.”

This is the first half of an anonymous quote I read earlier today. It is a challenging because it is evidenced in my life so often.

Right now, my life is more exciting than it has ever been. It is also busier than it has ever been. You won’t find me complaining about it though. I’m finally beginning to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do. As God has opened doors to chase the dreams He’s placed in me, I’ve come to recognize the need for others’ help. Prayers, hands, money… Each of these are ways in which people become part of the journey. They become partners and friends. And as partners and friends, I want and need to share the joys and struggles of the road.

But so much has happened!

When I returned to this blog, I hoped to create a point of contact. To create a place to connect with those who aren’t literally next door. It has thus far been a daunting task. Each time I sat before my computer screen I was quickly overwhelmed by all the things I needed to share. Each time I sat staring at the screen for a few moments and then closed my laptop without a word.

My lesson? I can’t share it all at once. I can’t make it happen right now. I can only share one thing at a time and trust that it is the right word at the right time.

So, thank you for listening and stay tuned for the next “one thing”.


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