In Search of Real Community, Part 2: Being a Part

A couple years ago, I heard a story about the man heading up Midtown development in Memphis. Upon taking the position, he moved from his former home to take up residence in Midtown. His reasoning was simple. He felt that if you were taking responsibility for future development of a community, then you should be part of that community. That manner of thought resonated with me then, and it still does today.

By moving into a community, I become part of it. By becoming a neighbor, I begin to share in the lives of those around me which makes it impossible to view them as anything other than a person. They cease to be a label or a statistic when I know their faces, their names, and their struggles. Being a part of a community also means I share the risks inherent in that community. Therefore, I have a shared interest with those around me in addressing those risks. I must be a part of the solution. And in being part of the community, I am allowing myself to be vulnerable. I am allowing my broken self to be known, and in some cases helped by the very people I long to help.

In these next few posts, I’m going to share a little of what my plans for joining the community in Alcy-Ball look like. The land I am looking to purchase, the home I plan to build, and the dreams I have for a home that becomes a significant part of the community.

See you soon!


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