Finding Narnia

Yesterday was what I call a Narnia day. I would have given anything to open a wardrobe door, slip in and find myself in a world far, far away. All the present troubles – the imminent move, worry over my health, the unknowns in raising financial support, all the obstacles to purchasing land and then building a home, a crumbling US economy and the real possibility of collapse, and, most troubling on a Sunday, my wrestling with Ecclesiology as I try to reconcile the traditions of my upbringing and my culture with scripture, and a hunger for something far more substantial than a social gathering, a sermon and some music – all these hung over me.

Thankfully, I now know what to do on Narnia days. Go find a wardrobe!

Yesterday’s wardrobe opened up on a patio next to a small fountain, the breeze a pleasant chill to an otherwise warm Autumn day. A cup of coffee, a caramel apple (the first I’ve eaten in years!), and a new book took me somewhere other than Memphis, TN. For a few hours I left all the worries, contemplations and obligations behind. In short, I rested for the first time in weeks, and the results are genuinely felt today.

Freedom. Energy. Focus. Peace.

There was a time I may have thought this time wasted and felt guilt over it. I still fought those feelings yesterday because I didn’t go to church on a Sunday. My wrestling with the true nature of Church is a discussion for another day, but I knew yesterday that attending a church service would have been a grudging obligation and not a joyful time of worship with family. So I rested. I prayed. I journaled, I escaped to another world for a small vacation. For me, as it was for Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, I believe the wardrobe led me into the presence of Aslan, of God, even if the events of that world looked nothing like our usually defined Sunday rest. And today is a better day for it!

– Kirk


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