My Life’s Allowance : Time

It’s not uncommon for me to stumble upon random conversations, and stop to listen in. Like many writers, I am an eavesdropper. Some days those dialogues are inane, some boring, while others may be interesting and even entertaining. I did not have time to stay, but I lingered a moment when I heard the question sparking their discussion.

Would you want to know when and how you were to die? And by extension, what would you do if you had that information?

For me, this is an old conversation. One exhausted years ago. Nevertheless, I left challenged and thoughtful. A few minutes later, someone else speaking into my void from a nearby table added to the swirling mix of thoughts. He said, “Time is currency.” He added that once spent, you’d better be happy with what you bought with it. His words, in light of my previous eavesdropping, packed a little more punch. After all, on what have I been spending my time?

I don’t really like that question. It forces me to acknowledge some pretty poor investments. Thankfully, I’m not someone who gets mired in regret, but I also know that if I wish to live the life I long for, things must change. So, although it is only a beginning, I am attempting to add a new life diagnostic. One simple question that precedes action.

If I knew I was going to die tonight, would I be satisfied spending my time on … ?

Maybe this question will help yield the motivation I need to make myself uncomfortable and discover a more fulfilling life in the process.

What are your thoughts on the subject? How would you join this conversation?



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