A Little Further Up The Mountain

When I started my job at Starbucks, I remember being amazed at how effortlessly my seniors handled tasks I struggled with. Their hands sped surely from task to task. My hands made clumsy and often failed attempts to follow. They juggled several tasks at once; I struggled with one. It awed me.

Recently, I’ve seen myself through the eyes of our newest employees and realized they view me the same way, and it occurs to me. We are always in awe of those who are a little further along. Their skill and composure is something we aspire to, and, thankfully, it is something that we will inevitably gain if we continue the climb.

That truth is what I both want to share and remember. Life is a journey, and, if we are growing, we will at all times be a beginner in some area. We will at times fail. We will at times fall. We will see people who will make us feel small in the face of their ability. Unless we remember that they too were once beginners who invested time and effort in the very skills we’re striving for. That truth can inspire us where we might otherwise find discouragement. So look on them and be inspired. Continue the climb, and in time you will be where they are.

A little further up the mountain.



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