Today has been a good day. Part of the joy was the surprise of my coworkers when they saw, some for the first time, my face. To put things in perspective, I stopped trimming my beard a few months ago, and as a result my chin hid beneath four inches of tangled hair. I’ve never let my beard go for so long before, and it was well received. I feel I can safely say that when a total stranger compliments my beard by intercom from his mud spattered truck. However, from the moment I started letting the beast grow freely, I knew its days were numbered. Specifically numbered, in fact. So, as planned, I pulled out the clippers and scissors to hack and buzz my way to a cleaner look.

I like it, despite now being able to feel the chilled air of December.

How was it received? As with all things the reviews are mixed. It reminds me that change is just that, change. Not everyone is going to like it. Some receive it with joy. Some receive it with grace. Others clearly don’t like it. Sometimes I don’t like it. In the end, I am in a season of changes. My facial hair is just a tiny reflection of life as a whole. Not all of it is going to be well received. Not everybody is going to like it. I may not even like it at times, but the nature of life is change. It might be even better to say that the nature of a healthy life is to change because the nature of a healthy life is to grow.

So, having exchanged a beard shaped face for a face shaped beard, I feel good. I loved my facial fur, but it was time for it to go. I hope that, when the times comes, we will all embrace those changes we need to grow. It might not be comfortable and everyone may not approve, but trust me, even with the chill in the air, it’s worth it.



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