Thankful and Encouraged

Monday is, in many ways, my Sabbath. It is a day of rest in the midst of busy and demanding weeks. It has also become my reading day. So, with a cup of coffee and a little breakfast, I leaned back and opened up New Monasticism to chapter 2.  I have been challenged and encouraged by my reading today and look forward to delving more deeply into it come Friday.

To get to the root purpose of Monday’s post, I’ll say that I’m doing well. I’m hopeful and encouraged. I feel rested and despite the list of things to do today, I don’t feel pressured or worried. And, yes, I know I said Monday was a Sabbath for me, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t active. It often is, but it is always rejuvenating activity. Today this included a conversation over the phone with a sales specialist at the Shelby County Land Bank. My initial offer is too low, but I now have a concrete number I’ll need to purchase the property and it is still an amazing deal. In addition, I am investigating a potential living arrangement that would get me into Whitehaven almost immediately. I don’t know the details yet, but I am hopefully optimistic. I am still praying and looking for an opportunity to move soon knowing that it will be at least a few months before I can build a home there. I’m ready to be in the community! So please join with me and pray for God’s hand to open the way.

And speaking of the community, the beginnings of our community investment have their roots in an after school program we’ve begun alongside Eric Watkins and Faith Baptist Church. Every Tuesday and Thursday we gather with about thirty 2nd-5th grade students to help with homework and reading. These kids are amazing and we are privileged to know them. I am so thankful for the way they have opened their hearts to us. It’s humbling. There is something incredible you feel inside when a child you’ve only worked with twice runs up and grabs your hand to walk out to the bus. They have so much love inside them! This time has also been a reminder of God’s heart for his church. This group is a picture of unity and diversity to me. We are comprised of at least three churches and ministries, both black and white with varied economic status. We have young and old. There are plenty of differences, but we have a very important commonality. We love Jesus and we love these kids! I’m truly looking forward to seeing how God continues to work.

Well, my time for writing today is slipping away and I have a meeting to get to so I’ll bid everyone farewell for the day. I hope this finds you well and I pray that this short story of God’s faithfulness in my life will be an encouragement to you as the stories of others have been an encouragement to me this morning.

Grace and Peace,



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