Unexpected Interruptions

As I write today, I am recovering. Had you asked me how I felt before this morning my answer would have been a simple “I’m tired.” Last week was a long one. All the events suspended over the holiday resumed in full, and much of the time I came to rely on vanished in an instant. I was looking forward to the week’s end and the promise of much needed time. Time to get caught up and to rest, but Friday night I got a text from my sister. It was a plea for help in the midst of a crisis of her own, an allergic reaction that was painful and uncomfortable. When you add two kids to the equation, that becomes a very difficult situation. And with that one unexpected interruption, the weekend as I’d planned it was gone. I spent the next two nights, most of the evening, and most of the day Sunday watching my niece and nephew while she was at the doctor or resting.

At some point, I had to let go of my plans and agenda. I had to set the schedule aside and come to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t get to that blog post that was already overdue. I wasn’t going to have time to hit the coffee shop and write or sit quietly. I wasn’t going to get that three hour nap, or attend church Sunday night. It wasn’t easy for me. I admit to a few moments of bitterness. However, looking back I should also give thanks for that unexpected interruption. I enjoyed much of the time with the kiddos. I believe God will use that time to help shape them as they also helped shape me when I was tired and often impatient. I enjoyed watching a movie with my sister, something we rarely get to do anymore. I knew nothing of the film, but it is one I will definitely see again and probably own. One more brush stroke in the portrait of a reawakening passion for music. Each of these is a gift that wasn’t in the realm of my planned expectations, but each one is precious.

I’m beginning to understand that life blossoms and many times what we need most comes when we least expect it. It seems unexpected interruptions can bring unexpected blessings.



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