The Proper Alignment

Today I witnessed what appeared to be a argument between a young woman I am acquainted with and her boyfriend. As an observer, I could be wrong about what I saw, but it led me to pray for them and their relationship. As I prayed an image began to take shape in my mind. Two steel objects floated in space. They drew close to one another, but they repeatedly failed to connect despite an interlocking design. Then two vertical lights appeared and descended until they reached these two objects. As they came in contact with the light, it began to change their orientation. Realigned, they once again connected.

I am reminded that relationships, especially those in conflict, often require a change of orientation. This vision reminded me that when we are connected with God, He changes us. When our vertical relationship with God is properly aligned, he corrects our alignment on the horizontal as well allowing us to connect and reconnect. So I pray that the light descends on us all, and as we float there in space may we find ourselves realigned and reconnected.



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