In Motion

A few years ago, I heard a statement that has remained with me. The teaching pastor said, “It’s easier to move an object that’s already in motion.” In context, those words stood in challenge to my practice of ask and wait. Ask God a question. Wait for His response. Then do what He tells you to do. In truth, there’s nothing wrong with those three things in particular. They are good things, but, for me, they were seated in doubt and fear that rooted me to the ground. Not only was I not moving, I felt I couldn’t move. I dared not make the “wrong choice”.

At its root, all of this stemmed from a wrong preconception of God’s will. To borrow another man’s analogy, I saw God’s will as a tight rope. It was narrow. It was confined, and one small misstep spelled certain doom. It’s no wonder I moved so cautiously and so rarely. I felt I couldn’t afford to make a mistake.

Fast forward a decade and things have changed. I have began to live a life of movement. Now, before I go further, let me say that a lifestyle of movement does not necessarily mean a busy lifestyle. I think movement for movements sake is as dangerous to our spiritual life as paralysis, and can be as destructive and devoid of power. If that’s the case, then what is a lifestyle of movement?

I believe it’s a life of faith. It is a life that trusts God’s deep love for us. It’s a life that knows and accepts His amazing grace and forgiveness. It is also a life that embraces the freedom He has given us to live, and trusts in ourselves as a new creation, marked by His hand and filled with the Holy Spirit. It is a life that realizes that God actually trusts us, His children, and gives us freedom to carry His message to the nations through our passions and our unique design. It’s a life that doesn’t feel like it has to ask for permission for every little action. Which is to say, it’s a life completely unlike the one I used to live. It’s a life in motion.

Little by little, I’ve watched one tentative step become a more confident walk that has given me boldness to say yes to my dreams, to reawakened passions and to new opportunities. Not every choice I’ve made has been a perfect one, or a permanent one. This life is a journey after all, and paths converge and diverge along the way, but I don’t regret any of those choices. I have more regret for all the years I did nothing but wait. Had I not began this journey, I would never have reached any crossroads, or learned the lessons of the road as I traveled. The road has taught me a lot about myself, and a lot more about my God. He is my constant friend on the way, even when the road is rough and lonely. He is also my provider, meeting the needs of the day and arranging serendipitous meetings all along the way. He has me following the promise of the road, and the promise of the road is a far better guide than the fear of it. And God makes good on His promises.

As I said, things have changed, and for that, I am so, so very thankful!

– Kirk


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