A Week in Pictures


If I were to choose one word for this past week, odd would be my choice. For those who rely on some manner of routine, the entire week marked a continuous interruption to routine. I think it surprised me how accustomed I’ve become to my present routine. However, in the midst of oddity and discomfort we often find new ideas and inspiration. Better said, we find new ways to play.

The week began with snow, ice and a city on lock down. The following was the view from my front porch on Monday morning.

One snowy morning...

One snowy morning…

And yes, for those familiar with real snow, this is enough to shut down a city like Memphis, TN. Trust me, it’s probably safer that way. Shortly after breakfast, my friends Nathan and Bethany returned to let me know that my destination of choice would only be open a couple more hours. A half hour later, I decided to stay in and the rest of the day was filled with board games and the company of friends.

I greeted Tuesday morning with a bit more sleep than normal. A late opening meant two more hours in bed before my day began. While I enjoyed the extra sleep, every one of us felt a little strange that day. And with school out, there would be no tutoring that evening. Somewhere in all that I began to crave something sweet.

Tuesday's sweets

Tuesday’s sweets

Have you ever been doing something quite ordinary only to be struck by some seemingly profound thought? Here’s one of mine. I ate through a handful of Whoppers, taking only enough time to eat around the malt center before finishing each one. I was hardly taking the time to even enjoy them. Here I was, an entire box of Whoppers to enjoy, when many people would be happy to have even one. The thought occurred to me. “There may be people who would eat half of just one of these and save the rest for later, and here I am halfway through a box!” I find moments like these healthy. It helps remind me just how wealthy I am as an American. It’s pretty amazing to be free to have a craving and immediately meet it with abundance. Moments like that remind me to quickly say thank you to the God who has been so generous with me.

Having lost my usual Monday, I retreated to Booksellers Wednesday night. I think it was Wednesday night. At this point in the week all the days begin to run together and get mixed up in my head. Either way, I roamed the aisles of books hoping to find something worth reading. Having spent the previous night watching “The Seeker” with a friend, I was hungry for a good story. As an aside, “The Seeker” is not good fiction. However, the first book in the series it’s based on, is a fondly remembered novel. Seeing a great story brutalized for TV had left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, and a desire to read the original again. I had no luck in finding Wizard’s First Rule, so I perused the racks for other tried and true stories not in my library. Again, no luck. Rather than take a chance on something new, I went with an author I recently began reading. One who, in my opinion, is very talented. His name is John Scalzi, and his story Redshirts is the first book in ages that I finished reading in less than a day. I just couldn’t put it down. So, I made my choice.


When I left the bookstore, I found another fun sight. Ice can be a beautiful thing.


This picture doesn’t do it justice, but it should at least give you an idea. The bookstore ended up being a much needed escape. I realized while I was there that I was depressed. That’s not something normal for me, but this week had been taking its toll. I still can’t tell you why. I don’t know, but I do know that I felt better after this mini vacation.

Friday and Saturday completed a week of cancellations – No tutoring, no babysitting, no rehearsals and a short work week, but it also heralded the arrival of my parents. I spent the evening visiting and sword fighting with my nephew.


Finally, another moment’s peace on Saturday morning while replacing tires on my truck. Funny to think how satisfying being able to take care of that need was for me. Anyway, once again a book in a quiet cafe is my refuge of the moment.


An odd week where the removal of the expected left room for the unexpected. It brought with it a little discomfort and a little rest. I guess I’m glad for both. Cheers!



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