A Reason to Share

Spring is here. The temperature has warmed, the green of new growth is everywhere, and pollen coats everything in a fine, yellowish powder. My sinuses thank you, Memphis, for that last one. This morning I met the changes of Spring with the rumble of a lawnmower. The time had come to tame “the green”.

I remember mowing the lawn as a hated chore growing up, but lately I’ve come to enjoy it. I wondered at that today. What’s changed? Turns out that was a great question to fill the idleness of my mind as I worked. I can’t say that I have a definitive answer, but I believe I may have stumbled on a couple good starts.

First of all, I’ve become more comfortable with where I am. I suppose I’m just as susceptible to the urgency of a moment as I was then. If I’d rather be doing something else, then it’s going to be hard to enjoy the task at hand. But I find myself far more content where I am in life as a whole, and life unfolding one moment at a time suddenly has an appeal I don’t recall from the past. Living life this way, something as mundane as mowing the lawn becomes joyful and fulfilling. It becomes it’s own little miracle.

Secondly, I mowed the lawn for someone else. I would not have been behind that lawnmower if I hadn’t been asked. Doing things for others is a surprisingly effective motivator for me. As I pushed the mower, I was reminded of my most productive season of creative writing. It revolved around one person. I wanted to share my writing with her. I loved bringing her joy through those little stories, and I felt buoyed by her response to those stories. In the end, I wonder if those stories weren’t more for her than even me. It occurs to me right now, that how much we care for the person also matters. It’s much easier to do things for people we love. The point is this. I believe all work is easier when it’s something we give away to people we care about who care about us in return.

And so I find myself here, motivated enough to write and to share with a few souls who have found some joy or pleasure in my words. Thank you. Your presence motivates and encourages me, and I hope that somehow these words do the same for you.



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