What are you doing with your life?

I wonder what thoughts and feelings you experienced when you read that question. I don’t like this question, but I don’t exactly hate it either. After all, it is a diagnostic tool. It takes the pulse of my life and lets me know how healthy, or unhealthy, I am.

Recently, I haven’t been able to escape this question. I am sure that my age has some part to play in all of this. After all, I’ll be 37 in a couple months. Sometimes I wonder at the path I’ve taken. I don’t feel I’ve led a very brave life, and I regret not taking more risks. Yet as I think about it, others who have watched from the outside may feel differently. My path has been anything but conventional, and that also takes courage of a sort. No matter how difficult things have been, I’ve never been able to let go of my ideals. So, even in the depths of despair I continued to cling to dreams obscured by circumstance, hoping for an open door.

But my hope has often been mired in passivity. I’ve learned over the past couple years that passivity doesn’t bring change. Actually, let me rephrase that. Passivity doesn’t bring growth. it doesn’t bring transformation. Transformation and growth come about as a choice to act in keeping with the new person you want to be.

So what does that look like for me?

  • Keep Dreaming! Dreams are in us for a reason. I personally think we were tailor made for them. I need to surround myself with visions of what will be. It is even more important when the road gets rough. I’m speaking from one of those stretches right now. I’m tired of waiting and progress is crawling, but I can’t let that get me down. I have to remember the dream.
  • Make priorities in line with my dreams. A novel will not write itself. Hands will not magically gain the skill to play a piano concerto. A house will not pay for itself. This will require sacrifice and discipline.
  • Work. Work. Work. And hopefully, the work will feel at times like play when I’m doing what I love.
  • Trust that it’s a journey and remember to keep moving. It may never look perfect, and that’s OK.
  • Take more risks! It is probably good for me to do more of the things that feel a little foolish to me.
  • Trust God who saved me to keep me and lead me, using me to touch lives with His presence along the way. Let Him handle the details I can’t even fathom.
  • Trust that God loves me and that He put these dreams in me because He wants me to live them as a reality.
  • Date!

I wonder, if you’re not quite living the life you long for, what might you do? Where can you grow?

May you find blessings on the journey!



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