The Gift of a Simple Day

Today was a simple day. Looking back on the past few hours, a kitten nuzzling at my hand for attention, I find I am filled with a deep sense of fulfillment. Not for any great accomplishment, but for the little things we sometimes take for granted.

  • The warmth of an animal – From the unconditional love of my dog to the insistent nuzzling of a kitten more interested in a scratch behind the ears than this post, their selfishness in wanting my whole attention is a pretty amazing gift. In a word, love.
  • The joy of time with friends – A trip to the store, a detour to deliver coffee, a video game, a shared meal… I am coming to believe there is little more valuable than time shared with people you care about.
  • The joy of work and a job well done – I’ve always loved physical work. There is something incredible about seeing the fruit of your labor. Today, I built a shelf. It’s far from perfect, but I’m proud of it.
  • Taking one more small step towards being who you want to be – Funny to think that cleaning and organizing may have been the biggest of those little steps today. Something very small, but filled with meaning and encouragement for tomorrow.

Nothing special, and yet every one of these things was very special. May God bless you with such simple gifts, the eyes to see them, and the heart to embrace them.




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